Quaker Sultanas Raisins Cranberry&Apple 385 g

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Quaker Oats
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Quaker Oat So Simple Sultanas, Raisins, Cranberry & Apple 385 g

The Quaker Oat So Simple line of instant oatmeal is the perfect companion for busy and lazy mornings. Just pour hot water and in a few minutes you can enjoy a full bowl of warm porridge. And this version with sultanas, raisins, cranberries and apples is absolutely delicious :)

Ingredients: Quaker whole grain oatmeal 70%, sugar, sultanas 5.2%, raisins 3.2%, dried cranberry pieces 2.6%, dried apple pieces 1.3%, table salt, natural flavoring.

May contain wheat, barley and soy.

Nutrition information: Typical values per 100 g:

Energy: 1554kJ / 371kcal, Fat 6g, Saturated Fat 1g, Carbohydrates 68g, Sugar 26g, Protein 8g, Salt 0.23g.

Weight: 0,385 Kg

Country of Origin: UK

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